What doctors don't tell you about pain relief

For many people, pain is seen as an annoyance that stops you from going about your everyday life, but for some, it may disrupt your day to day routine and force you to accommodate to that pain. When you describe your pain to a doctor, most often the prescription is a drug that either attacks the body as a whole, or just temporarily masks your pain - and this is where the TROUBLE REALLY STARTS.

Pain is a driver, its like a warning beacon that goes off and tells you something's not right, but more importantly, without the right knowledge and understanding of where that pain is truly coming from – its like throwing darts at a dart board blindfolded. In essence it's a hit and miss approach. How many times have you heard "We will try this first and see if it helps." Your body is not a guessing game, its essential that you have the right advice and information to target the source of pain, and remove it for good.

I've ruffled a few feathers in my time, ‘rocked the establishment’ as they say, because I dared to challenge conventional views on pain relief. I wrote this book culminating years of my frustration in seeing so many people enduring pain and suffering unnecessarily. It worries me to see clients presenting at my clinic with chronic aches and pains poorly managed by the mainstream medical fraternity. Many people live in a cocoon, disabled by inactivity with limited mobility. To make matters worse, most live in fear of aggravating their pain with exercise, whereas in fact, they are making it worse by not exercising! The sad fact is, too many people have unnecessarily lost mobility and function. The fun and spontaneity in life are a distant memory. Day to day existence has become an ongoing struggle.

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