The Ultimate Back Pain Solution

DVDBackPain450Imagine you could get rid of your back pain for good!

Author and Physiotherapist Verona Chadwick, shows you how. Through a series of instructional exercises, information & techniques you can do at home, this DVD will take you step by step through the hints, tips and techniques used by professionals, that will get you back on your feet and living life to the full.

PLUS Verona will explain the reasons behind the pain, so you can understand why it’s there in the first place.

This complete back pain solution DVD, is the ultimate collection for those wanting to be free of their back pain.

You will learn how to:

  • Feel relaxed and enjoy free flowing muscles and joints.
  • Become free of shackles created by hip & buttock pain.
  • Conquer the fear of chronic back pain and further injury.
  • Perform easy pain relieving exercises for sciatica.
  • Restore restful quality sleep.
  • Rebuild self-esteem, increase your confidence & feel free again!
  • Control your pain & re-ignite the feeling of intimacy with your partner.

PRICE: $149.95