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Verona Chadwick

Author, Business Woman, Healer, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist and Nutritionist.

For more than three decades Verona Chadwick has charted a course to a new frontier of healing.

Accomplished Physiotherapist. Acupuncturist and Nutritionist. Verona Chadwick seamlessly weaves together traditional and contemporary treatment protocols, focusing her attention on elevating the health states of those anchored down by chronic fatigue, complex pain, insomnia, anxiety, and inflammatory conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis.

Verona holds graduate diplomas in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and Nutrition Medicine, a Graduate certificate in Acupuncture and has completed advanced ToyoHari acupuncture training. Verona is an Advanced Member of the Toyohari Association. She has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition Medicine at RMIT University.

A successful business woman and healer with more than 30 years of private practice experience. Verona is guided by an adventurous spirit and inquiring mind and is as equally passionate about evolving the way we view health care as she is about evolving the boundaries of her own physicality, mind and spirit.

The road to Verona's successful all-encompassing approach to chronic pain. curves with lessons learned and personal triumphs. Destined to never shy away from a challenge. Verona lives for getting "back on the horse," literally. Verona has overcome a serious spinal injury as well as numerous broken bones and dislocations. using an inherent positive energy source to keep "powering on." Verona's experiences propel her deeply personal quest to help others overcome complex health conditions and chronic pain.

Verona's pioneering treatments place what we eat at the helm of chronic pain and at the threshold of our energy reservoirs.

Verona passed stringent examination to become a Diplomat of the Anti-Aging Medicine Associations in Australia and America. She has been awarded Worldwide Who’s Who 2013 Professional of the year for Health, Wellness and Fitness, and is a dynamic member of the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists Association. She is an Advanced Member of the Australasian Toyohari Association and the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

More recently Verona has completed extensive functional medicine training with DR Daniel Kalish in America. She has become accomplished in investigative functional medicine, root cause evaluation of chronic fatigue, pain and anxiety, identification of biochemical disturbance at a cellular level through organic acids testing, balancing hormones and unravelling the complexity of the gut microbiome to unveil hidden sources of inflammation impacting on health.

Verona has completed advanced training in the interpretation of genetic variants or SNP's as they relate to health and the propensity to disease with Carolyn Ledowsky at MTHFR Support. Our individual genetic profile determines our unique ability to produce cellular energy, happy brain chemicals, detox drugs and environmental toxins and more. We can now turn on or off our genes to rectify metabolic blocks for optimal health.

Verona is now a silver member of the Australian College for Eating Disorders having successfully completed training in the management of eating disorders and a non-diet approach to weight loss.

Verona has completed an intensive 6 months training in environmental and household toxins and their impact on health including identification of mould related illness.

Having graduated from the Bradcliff Breathing program, Verona can identify and correct abnormal breathing patterns to alleviate asthma, neck pain and tension, panic attacks, anxiety and stress. Also improve focus and clarity, and sports performance. Relaxed deep breathing is at the core of our existence.

Verona has helped to herald a time of healing for thousands of people suffering with chronic pain and illness through physiotherapy, acupuncture and functional medicine. This dedication to research and ongoing education, makes a difference with treatments and people are living healthy, active and pain free lives.

Verona operates her practice at 8 Warrick Place, Lismore NSW, Australia. PH (02) 6625 2925

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